Basic principles of the protocol

What is e-fff

In general

The purpose of the protocol is to establish an "exchange protocol (further named as e-fff)" that ensures maximization of the interoperability of the electronic invoice between the Belgian actors, for SMEs, in line with the development of the existing international standards . The aim is to create a market for electronic invoicing for SMEs (current volumes traded are in fact too small) and in the most user-friendly way.

The protocol is an "application protocol" and doesn’t imply any rules about the sending or preserving of the electronic invoices.
The protocol is based upon the European standard UBL 2.0 accompanied by specific Belgian agreements. These Belgian specifications are agreed between the signatories of the protocol.

The e-fff label

Any category of the signatories who wishes to implement e-invoicing based upon the e-fff protocol is able to use the e-fff label after passing a testing process. This testing process does not imply any certification.

Who can use the e-fff

The Protocol is open (free).
Only a coordination achieved by the FFF Foundation in the framework of the protocol may allow the work of the signatories to be coordinated and disseminated.
The Protocol receives, under the leadership of the Foundation, an (e-fff) label, but does not include certification. The users of the label and the Protocol will commit themselves to abide by a charter, consisting of the commitment to the principles and recommendations to be. They undertake also to their mutual development to test with all other signatories to the protocol via a platform that cooperation strengthened. Work performed, exchange, control and cooperation between actors is based on the principle of a voluntary community